The Go Cart

Stephen never knows what to expect when his grandmother, Nan, drives him around in the go cart. One day, their relationship changes. A new friend, Pete, wants to help. Does Stephen have the courage to take Pete’s advice?

22 mins. 2008. DVD available

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Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions

Alice Wingwall photographs when she can’t see.

Is she blind or isn’t she?

With irreverent humor and determination, she co-directs a film

and creates a new role: Miss BlindSight.

Loss is art in Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions.

25 mins. 16mm. 2000. DVD available


The Footsteps and the Mountain

When a little girl and her beloved mountain are separated,

the mountain despairs of ever feeling her footsteps again.

animation and music Noah MacNeil

story Rebecca Upjohn

narration Ronald Ferry

coming 12/2013