Wendy-Snyder MacNeil, Sunset Hill Films Director, Producer, and Editor, was a photographer before turning to filmmaking. Her photographs are in many permanent collections including The Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Her entire photo archive is currently being accessioned and catalogued at the Mira Godard Study Centre, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. (For more information, contact Alison Skymre, Gallery registrar, 416 979 5000 or email askymre@ryerson.ca.) 
She has received Guggenheim, NEA, and American Film Institute/New England Regional Film/Video, and Bunting Institute Fellowships. Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions was cited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as ‘one of the outstanding documentaries of 2000’. It won many awards and was screened in festivals around the world. From 1976-2007, MacNeil taught photography and video at Rhode Island School of Design.

Currently she is working with filmmakers Jeremy Leach and Aoife Nugent of Lost City Creative (http://www.lostcitycreative.com) on a new film. The Go Cart is her first short narrative film. Rebecca Upjohn’s story The Footsteps and the Mountain, with animation and music by Noah MacNeil, is being produced by Sunset Hill Films.  

Selected Filmography: 
1990  Nuclear Portrait installation /video 6:46
1990  Birthday Triptych installation 3:10 (video)
1993  Entre Chien et Loup (Mother/Daughter) 6:55 (video & film)
1995  Bandage Fragment (Father/Daughter) 7:16 (unfinished video & film)
2000  Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions 25:22 (16 mm film) 
2003  The Lost Bird 3:00 (super 16 mm film)
2008  The Go Cart 22:00 (HD video)

above: Haymarket, Boston, MA 1968

right: The Go Cart, Chesham, NH 2006